Who we Are

Mintyn digital bank is a digital product of Finex microfinance bank, Finex is  licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria and Insured by Nigerian Deposit Insurance company. We are a digital challenger bank with the goal of providing unparalleled banking service/experience to our users through unique banking products and disruptive innovations in quality service delivery. 

How Secured is my money with Mintyn?

Mintyn is insured by Nigerian Deposit Insurance company, what this means is - in the unlikely event that mintyn can no longer continue operations, your deposits with us is insured and will be paid back in full regardless of any amount it is.

Is Mintyn a mobile wallet or a Bank?

Mintyn is a fully licensed bank, mintyn account number is a ten digit current account - with your mintyn account you can receive money from any licensed commercial or Microfinance bank in Nigeria. Mintynis not a mobile wallet but a BANK!!