So I would assume that you have opened a Mintyn bank account and ready to rock with the new age digital bank. Here I will walk you through how to kick start this journey with us, and hey! we are happy you chose to bank with us!

Are there limits to how much I can receive or send out?

Yes there are a few limits to how much you can receive or send out, but no worries we have you in mind while designing our products to capture variety of users with peculiar needs. Mintyn bank account comes in Three Tiers -  Tier one, Tier two, and Tier three. 

Tier one account: Mintyn tier one account has an inflow limit of 300,000 Naira per transaction, this is also your  cumulative maximum balance at any given period - month or year. Tier one account can not hold beyond 300,000 Naira cumulative balance. Similarly, Tier one outflow transfer is a maximum of 50,000 Naira per day - which implies you will not be able to send beyond 50,000 Naira to your friends and family or pay a vendor in a day. So what is a Tier one account, you asK? A Tier one account is one without ID, in order to comply with regulatory authorities we have to put in this measures to protect you and other customers. 

Tier two account: Mintyn tier two is ideal for individual without government approved ID - International passport, Voters Card, Drivers Licenses or National ID. Tier two account accepts Id such as student ID or work ID. Tier two account can accommodate a cumulative maximum balance of 500,000 Naira at any given period - Month or year this implies you can not further receive any amount if you current balance is 500,000 Naira, Also a Tier two account can transfer out a maximum of 200,000 Naira per transaction - you can do this till you exhaust your cumulative maximum balance.

Tier three account: Mintyn tier three account gives you the ideal flexibility, it has no limit on inward transfer neither is there a cumulative maximum balance. In the event that you have a Tier three account with us and unable to transfer a large sum of money kindly contact your local bank to know if your sending bank account has a limit. 

Similarly, there is a default limit of 250,000 Naira for Mintyn to other bank and 500,000 Naira Mintyn to Mintyn. However you can increase your limit up to 5,000,000 Naira for either Mintyn to Mintyn or Mintyn to other banks.

What about transfer charges?

All transfer on Mintyn App is FREE!! of course we mean it when we say we are a digital challenger bank. Remember, we put you in charge at no charge.