So you're probably fascinated with the offers we have and have decided to experience our product offerings? Let me walk you through requirements for opening Mintyn current account.

What do I need to open Mintyn account?

You will need a government approved ID to own a limitless Tier three account, these IDs are international passport, Voters Card, National ID or Drivers' License. However you can own a Mintyn account with your work ID or student ID with limits on your account. 

Our account opening process allows you to choose either to open a Mintyn account with other bank account you may have or your BVN. Please note that we do not keep your bank account on our platform neither can we tamper with the money in your account - we use this to verify your identity. Also, if you use the BVN flow we use this to verify your identity and according to Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulation, all bank account in Nigeria must have associated Bank verification Number hence why we require your BVN. 

How about passport photograph?

You will be required to take a selfie to complete your account opening process, you can also change this picture later once you're done opening account, so in the case that you took a picture you feel does not look "Peng " as you want, I will advice that you carry on and change it later. 

What else do I need to know?

You will be required to accept our terms and conditions, set up your security questions; this security question is a secret code to your account in the likely event that you lost your phone, forgot your password and needs to gain access later on. I recommend that you pick the right question; one that is not known to your close circle and answer it honestly. 

For security purposes we also will verify your phone number; this implies that we will send you a One time passcode/password (OTP) to the phone number you input while registering please make sure you can receive sms. In the unlikely event that you could not receive this please contact us via live chat on the app we will be happy to hear from you. 

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